'Movies. Sponsored by Beechams.'  
Year of production: 2013
Running Time: 20 sec


Director: Chaplin & Forbes



Lheila Oberman's showreel
Running Time: 4.04 min





'Incredible Journey' Subway
Year of production: 2011
Running Time: 15 sec


Ident for Subway sponsoring The Biggest Loser, ITV.

Pop Video


'It's In The Bag' by Aliens Ate My Schnitzel!
Year of production: 2009
Running Time: 3.35 min


Comedy duo Aliens Ate My Schnitzel!'s Lammy and Pip produce a dreadfully un-PC pop video to promote their latest quest to get rich and famous.

Pop Video


'Killer Looks' by Koogaphone
Year of production: 2009
Running Time: 4.04 min


Lheila plays an uptight school teacher who has an intriguing encounter with a dead fish.


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